Friday, July 16, 2010

Top 3 Reasons My Husband Loves StudioJ!

Sounds odd, doesn't it? However, one day, while working on a layout, my husband came into my, ummm, "office" (picking his way over paper piles and other stamping paraphernalia) and happened across a sample StudioJ layout. After briefly explaining that no, I don't have any other children (he didn't recognize the girl in the layout) and a little about StudioJ, Josh looked around the room and then back at me (like I was crazy, I might add), and asked me why I wasn't doing all of my scrapbooking in StudioJ. Here were his top 3 reasons (in his words)

1. No Mess
"So, you're telling me you could have sat at your laptop and had all of Close To My Heart's papers and colours at your fingertips? You could create layouts without pulling out your paper trimmer, sweeping up scraps, or inking your fingers?" I suddenly felt a bit sheepish. . .
2. Save Money
"But Josh," I said, "It costs about $15.00 for a two-page layout in StudioJ!" (I honestly thought this would be the kicker for him. Money talks, right?) Josh looks at me skeptically and asks,
"How much did this paper packet cost"
"$15.50," was my reply"
"How much for the ribbon and brads?"
Oh. Maybe $15.50 isn't so bad. . .

3. Save Time
"How much time have you spent on this anyway?" Josh asks.
"Only an hour"-- to me, this isn't much time. I'm only half done and I still have to clean up the mess I've made, but my project was looking preeeetttty good for only an hour's work!
"What's your time worth?" Josh asks. Now, Josh tends to think my time is worth somewhere in the vicinity of $60/hr unless I'm doing the laundry or cleaning house. But even if I'm worth minimum wage, I spend a lot of unpaid hours behind my scrapbook table. . .

Will I still hesitate to invite you into my office? You bet. After all, we don't have a digital cardmaking program ;)

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